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Past Canadian experiments on the Station

Advanced Plant Experiments on orbit (APEX-Cambium)

Advanced Plant Experiments on Orbit (APEX-CSA2)

At Home in Space: Making the International Space Station feel like home

Colloidal Science (BCAT-C1)

Bodies In the Space Environment (BISE) - Which way is up in space?

Predicting fainting in astronauts (BP Reg)

CCISS: Heart-pounding results from Canadian cardiovascular experiment

Little transistor records radiation levels (EVARM)

H-Reflex flexes its muscles!

The Ultimate Tickle Test (HYPERSOLE)

MARROW: Bone marrow and its cells in microgravity

Microflow: Bringing Earth's lab technology to space

Perceptual Motor Deficits in Space (PMDIS)

Radi-N2: Tracking space radiation and its risks


TBone: How does space affect the strength of our bones?

Vascular: Cardiovascular health in space

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