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Creating scientific and technical jobs

Generating high-tech jobs for Canadians

In Canada, the space sector generates almost 22,000 jobs, 61% of which are in fields related to engineering, science and technology.

Providing opportunities for Canadian companies, especially SMEs

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) invests in Canadian space companies, 95 percent of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. Approximately three-quarters of the CSA's budget is spent on research and development and space-related projects led by Canada's space sector, which positions industry to commercialize products and expand their business internationally.

Generating revenues for the country

Investing in space is good for Canada's economy. In , the Canadian space sector produced revenues totalling $5.7 billion and contributed $2.5 billion to Canada's gross domestic product.

Strengthening business ties between Canada and Europe

Europe is Canada's second largest market for space-related exports, reaching $451 million in . Canada also benefits from an agreement with the European Space Agency under which Canadian companies can compete for some contracts for European space projects.

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