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James Webb Space Telescope

Set to launch in , the James Webb Space Telescope is the most complex and powerful space telescope ever built. Canada has contributed a scientific instrument and a guidance sensor. Canadian scientists will take part in its exciting science mission that promises to change our understanding of the universe. Webb is an international collaboration between NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency.

To know more about the mission

About Webb

Mission objectives, how Webb works, about the telescope, its data sheet and mission partners.

Canada's role

Canada's contribution and the Canadian teams involved.

What Webb will observe

Alien worlds, the lifecycle of a star, the early universe, and galaxies through time.

Canadian science programs

Observation programs led by Canadian scientists using the Webb Telescope.

Hubble's successor

How Webb compares to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mission news

What's new with the mission.

People of Webb

The experts behind Canada's participation in Webb.


Fun family activities based on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Information kit

News releases, media advisories, backgrounder.


Photos, videos and infographics about the Webb mission.

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