State of the Canadian Space Sector

President's Message

Sylvain Laporte, President of the Canadian Space Agency

Sylvain Laporte,
President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

As the President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), I am proud to present the State of the Canadian Space Sector Report, covering the results from our survey. The report, which we have been publishing since , provides comprehensive information on the economic activity generated in the Canadian space sector and highlights the impact of space investments on the economy. The report contributes to our understanding of the sector by providing reliable and authoritative data, as well as long-term trend analysis.

In , the space sector produced revenues of $5.6B and contributed $2.3B to GDP. Upstream segment activities related to research, engineering and manufacturing accounted for $0.9B, while downstream segment operations, products and services accounted for $4.7B. Satellite Communication was the sector of activity with the most revenues in , generating $4.7B of the total space revenues. However, Navigation experienced the highest growth, with revenues increasing by $53M in , to $269M. In , R&D expenditures reached a total of $363M, a $109M increase from the previous year. Space sector organizations reported a total of 203 inventions and 118 patents in .

The Canadian space workforce level was maintained at nearly 10,000 jobs, while activities in the space sector supported close to 12,000 additional jobs in the wider Canadian economy. The CSA has also added a new question on labour force, this year. The results helped determine what skills Canadian space companies will be looking for in the next five years, such as skills related to electrical engineering systems and software development.

I trust you will find this publication useful. I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed to the survey. The State of the Canadian Space Sector Report would not be in its 21st edition without the generous collaboration and input of members of the Canadian space industry and academia.

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