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Artemis II astronauts conduct launch day simulation

Four astronauts in orange spacesuits pose on a metal walkway high in the air

Canadian Space Agency Jeremy Hansen, second left, and his Artemis II crewmates, NASA astronauts Victor Glover, Christina Koch and Reid Wiseman, successfully completed the first in a series of integrated ground system tests in preparation for the mission around the Moon. They stand on the crew access arm of the mobile launcher at Launch Pad 39B, where they will be launching for their mission to the Moon. (Credit: NASA)

On , Artemis II crew and teams from NASA's Exploration Ground Systems Program at Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, practised the procedures they will follow on launch day to prepare for the ride to the Moon.

The crew awoke at their crew quarters, then put on test versions of the Orion crew survival system spacesuits they will wear on launch day. They boarded NASA's crew transportation fleet and headed to Launch Pad 39B – the spot where their SLS rocket will launch from.

Upon arrival at the pad, the crew made their way onto the mobile launcher and proceeded up the tower to the white room inside the crew access arm. However, there was no Orion or SLS rocket in place for this test.

This test is meant to ensure both the crew and the ground systems teams at Kennedy are prepared and understand the timeline of their events for launch day.

On social media, Jeremy Hansen shared the following: "We're at NASA Kennedy Space Center for a dry-run of launch day events from crew wake, suit-up, saying goodbye to family to spaceship ingress. Gives me shivers to imagine the emotions and excitement of the real day."

Prepared with material from NASA.

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