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New fleet of vehicles for the Artemis astronaut crews

Three van-sized vehicles are parked in a row. NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building is prominent in the background.

The new vehicles that will take Artemis crews to the launch pad. (Credit: NASA.)

NASA has received the fleet of vehicles that will take Artemis crews on the final Earth-bound leg of their journey to the Moon before boarding their rocket and spacecraft. This includes Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen and the Artemis II crew.

Canoo Technologies Inc. delivered three specially designed, environmentally friendly crew transportation vehicles to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The zero-emission vehicles can carry four astronauts in their Orion spacesuits, support personnel including a spacesuit technician, and provides room for specialized equipment for the drive to Launch Pad 39B ahead of Artemis missions to the Moon. The fleet will also be used for astronaut training exercises at the spaceport.

Historically, during launch operations for NASA's Space Shuttle Program, the Astrovan, a gleaming silver modified Airstream, was the primary means of transporting crews to the launch pad.

Abridged text reprinted courtesy of NASA.

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