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Vlog 8: Behind the scenes of a public relations and media tour


Uploaded on April 5, 2024


Vlog 8: Behind the scenes of a public relations and media tour

2024-04-05 — Canadian Space Agency astronauts are great ambassadors and inspiring role models. They routinely travel to Canada from Houston, Texas, where they work and live to meet with Canadians. 

In this vlog, Jeremy takes you behind the scenes of one of his travel weeks in Canada organized by the CSA's Communications and Public Affairs team. He met with over 2500 Canadians and completed 47 media interviews during his trip to Montreal, Ottawa, Regina and Moose Jaw. A busy week! (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Fulwell 73 UK Limited)


Jeremy Hansen: As part of the Artemis II mission, I have a lot of training to do, of course, but another aspect of the Artemis campaigns is sharing the inspiration of space exploration with our youth across the country.

I thought I would bring you along with me this week as we travel to different places, speak with different Canadians, and share what we're doing in the space program, why that's important for Canada and its future.

I don’t have access.

We were already using the ionosphere to communicate across vast distances.

We are flying one tube of maple syrup for the crew. And that’s just a really like an emergency pick me up.

Annie A.-Bélanger: So we're just done with a media scrum here at the Canadian Space Agency and now we're heading to one on one interviews for Jeremy and Jenni. There's just no rest for astronauts.

Jeremy Hansen: Still doing interviews here at the Canadian Space Agency. I think one more to go.

Wrapping up a great day here at the Canadian Space Agency; had lots of media interest. Jenni and I had the chance to share a little bit about what's going on with Artemis II. So great day all in all.

Continuing our trip! On the road from Montreal to Ottawa, Jenni and I and the Comms team, we got the Head of Comms Julie, and we’re heading to Ottawa to connect with Canadians some more.

Traveled from Ottawa to Regina last night and this morning had the very special opportunity to be at First Nations University, participated in a pipe ceremony here, and also to unveil the mission patch for Artemis II. So very grateful for this experience.

Canada will be the second country in the world to send a human into deep space. That's a big deal. (Crowd applauds.)

This afternoon, at 15 Wing, where we have the home of the Snowbirds, of course, but also basic flying training for RCAF pilots. And so this was a path on my journey to traveling to the Moon. This is where I learned to fly. So a lot of really special memories coming back for me today and a chance to speak with a lot of my colleagues in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Well it’s Saturday morning after a great week in Canada, just flew from Regina to Toronto. So one more flight to get back to Houston for training next week and really appreciated my time back home and appreciated the great work from everyone of the Canadian Space Agency and all the people we met with and worked with this week.


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