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Jeremy Hansen: This or that?


Uploaded on August 16, 2023


Jeremy Hansen: This or that?

2023-08-16 – CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen will make history as the first Canadian to fly to the Moon, as part of the Artemis II mission. In this fun video, he must make difficult choices. Get to know him better! (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Jeremy Hansen: Can I just say pass?

Interviewer: So Jeremy. Coffee or tea?

Jeremy Hansen: Tea. 

Interviewer: Early bird or night owl?

Jeremy Hansen: Oh, night owl. 

Interviewer: Cats or dogs?

Jeremy Hansen: Definitely dogs.  Sorry cats. 

Interviewer: Comedy or suspense movies?

Jeremy Hansen: Suspense. 

Interviewer: Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

Jeremy Hansen: Smooth. 

Interviewer: Zombies or vampires?

Jeremy Hansen: Vampires, I guess. 

Interviewer: Running or biking?

Jeremy Hansen: Running for sure. 

Interviewer: City or countryside?

Jeremy Hansen: Definitely countryside.

Interviewer: Fiction or non-fiction books? 

Jeremy Hansen: Fiction. 

Interviewer: Sweet or salty treats?

Jeremy Hansen: Sweet. 

Jeremy Hansen: I lied on the fiction. It's really non-fiction.


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