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Contest rules: Bring space to your school!

Credit: Canadian Space Agency


Let the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) know why your school should be selected for a 20-minute chat with David Saint-Jacques. Please provide answers to all the following questions.

  1. What makes your school the "spaciest" school in Canada?
  2. What is your school doing to engage students in space science, space exploration and/or David Saint-Jacques' mission?
    (e.g. special projects or activities, presentations, participation in CSA mission activities)
  3. What kind of event would you organize to host a live connection between David and your school?
    (e.g. the location, the number of students and what grade(s) they are in, the duration)
  4. Would you promote your event and engage your community? How?
    (e.g. type of outreach, audience(s), VIP guests)

Contest period

The submission period is from , to . All submissions must be received by the CSA no later than .


Submissions must include answers to the four?nbsp;(4) questions above and be limited to two (2) pages.

Your submission can only be made online. You must be a member of the school staff (principal, teacher or educator) to fill out a form. You will receive a confirmation email.

In order to be eligible, submissions must include the following:

This information will be used to contact the winning school. All submissions and accompanying personal information will be destroyed in .


All submissions must be formatted as follows:


Participating schools may add a maximum of five (5) pictures to accompany their submission. The file format must be .jpg or .jpeg. Please ensure you have permission to share these pictures.

Winning school

One (1) winning school will get the chance to host an event featuring David Saint-Jacques live from space during his mission.

Selection of winning school

The winning school will be selected by a committee composed of CSA representatives. First, a preselection will be made based on adherence to the contest rules (Canadian school, interest and engagement in space science and exploration). Next, the committee will select the winning school based on the quality and creativity of the event proposal, including description of the event, student participation, and involvement of local community.

The representative of the winning school will be notified by email and phone in .

Acceptance of contest rules

By entering the contest, participating schools agree to be bound by these rules.

Each participating school also agrees that, if it is declared a winner, the CSA may use its name, city, and photographs of the event and of students, without compensation, on its website and/or on social media in connection with the contest and David Saint-Jacques' mission.

Consult the Terms page on the CSA website for additional information on privacy matters.


The CSA reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the contest for any reason.

Contact us

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at

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