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About the mission

Mission name description and patch, David Saint-Jacques' training and roles, crew, Canadian science and the International Space Station.


The mission

Mission name, patch and description of the mission.

Training for the mission

David's training: phases and types.

Roles and responsibilities

Soyuz co-pilot, science experiments, robotics specialist, and more.

Important dates

Overview of the important milestones of the mission and activities.

Canadian science

Canadian experiments: past, current and future.

David's health science activities

Canadian and international experiments.

International Space Station

The orbiting laboratory, how to see it from your home, the crew, robotics and experiments.

The crew

Crewmates and their biographies.

Soyuz spacecraft

About the Soyuz, required training, and the spacecraft's journey to space and back.

Living in space

Eating, sleeping, personal hygiene, exercising and relaxing.

Mission highlights

Discover interesting facts about the mission.

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