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Webinar on the youth STEM initiatives grants and contributions program


Type: Webinar


Duration: to

Location: online

Language: English

Category: Not for profit organizations, universities, schools.


  • Janice Cudlip, Lead, Youth STEM Initiatives at the Canadian Space Agency
  • Iulian Martin, Program Officer at the Canadian Space Agency

Webinar video


Webinar on the financing awarded by the Canadian Space Agency for the development, promotion and delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives for youth. The topics covered include:

  • CSA's Youth STEM and Grants and Contribution Program;
  • Announcements of Opportunities (AO) and the application process;
  • Evaluation of proposal and the awarding of grants and contributions;
  • Management of grant and contribution agreements.

The questions asked during the webinar and received following Announcement of Opportunities are captured in a FAQ.

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