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Service standards

Service standards establish expectations in terms of the delivery standard for grant and contribution initiatives submitted to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Service standards are established for the following transactions:

Compliance with these service standards is a shared responsibility between the applicants and the CSA. Applicants must provide the required documents, duly completed, according to the program or announcement of opportunity guidelines within the prescribed deadlines.

Service standards – - report
Program Service standards How is this measured?
Maximum duration - in weeks
Target Performance
CSA Class Grant and Contribution Program Acknowledgement of receipt of applications Enquiries monitoring
Maximum 2 weeks
80% 98%
Proposal selection decisions Selection decision sent to applicants
Research Component – Maximum 26-46 weeks
Awareness and Learning Component – Maximum 18 weeks
80% 94%
Issuance of payments Grant 4 weeks
Contribution 6 weeks
80% 99%
Canada and European Space Agency (ESA) Cooperation Agreement - Contribution program
As this program is considered as an int'l cooperation agreement, the only applicable service standard is 'Issuance of payments to ESA'.
Issuance of payments Payment according to the ESA financial regulation (specific dates) 100% 100%

Comments on services

Should you have any questions or comments, you are invited to send them to the Centre of Expertise for Grant & Contribution by e-mail to:

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