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Upcoming events

Schedule of upcoming events: exhibitions, workshops, conferences.


The Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) library has thousands of space-related publications in its collection.


Our blog is regularly updated with space-related articles.

Ingenium Boutique

Your destination for official CSA merchandise. Visit the boutique at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum or the Canada Science and Technology Museum, or order online!


See International Charter Newsletters Website.


Careers, jobs and internships at the CSA and grants for universities and industry.

Open data and information

Canadian space datasets available, CSA's commitment to Open Government, participation in hackathons.


The CSA has museum exhibitions, as well as travelling and downloadable exhibitions.


The most frequently asked questions about funding, internships and employment opportunities.

RADARSAT Service Desk

Messages for users, news about the RADARSAT program, access to the Service Desk, contact information.

Canadian Space Directory

Description and contact information of organizations involved in Canada's space industry.


Access to Information and Privacy, audit and evaluation reports, proactive disclosure, and publications.

Astronautics Vocabulary

The Astronautics Vocabulary is a glossary of terms that pertain to the science and technology of spaceflight.

Useful links

Larkin Kerwin Library, laboratories and warehouse, speakers' hub, testing experiments and technologies.

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