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Ten photos of Canada taken by David Saint-Jacques

To celebrate Canada Day, and to showcase Canada's vast landscapes and bodies of water, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) presents ten stunning photos taken by Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques during his space mission.

Newfoundland, where the day breaks first in Canada

Newfoundland – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

Did you know that Newfoundland is the 16th largest island in the world? Another interesting fact: Newfoundland and Labrador is the youngest Canadian province. It joined Canada in . (Credit: CSA/NASA)

The Maritimes in all their splendour

The Maritimes

The complex coastline of the Maritimes crisply defined in the beautiful sun glint. (Credit: CSA/NASA)

The majestic St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence River – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

The St. Lawrence River played a key role in the history of our country. At 1,197 km long, the St. Lawrence forms the world's largest estuary before it empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence! In this photo, the Manicouagan Crater and the Gaspé Peninsula are easy to spot. (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Snowy Montreal

Montreal – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

Montreal, the most populous city in Quebec. Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques grew up just outside Montreal. (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Bright lights, big cities!

Toront, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec as seen aboard the ISS

From this perspective, these eastern Canadian cities don't seem very far apart – but it's over 800 km from Toronto to Quebec City! (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Ice melt in Ungava Bay

Ungava Bay – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

Did you know that Ungava Bay covers about 50,000 km2 and has 180 km of shoreline? (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Springtime in Winnipeg

Winnipeg – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

Winnipeg, the largest city in Manitoba, is often called the "Gateway to the West." (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Lacelike snow on mountains in western Canada

Mountains in western Canada – Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

Did you know that western Canada boasts more than 2,400 km of ski slopes? That's the stuff that dreams are made of for winter sports lovers around the world! (Credit: CSA/NASA)

Edmonton, Gateway to the North

Edmonton- Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

The North Saskatchewan River cuts through Edmonton, Alberta – home to the largest shopping mall in North America. (Credit: CSA/NASA)

West coast

Vancouver - Earth as seen by David Saint-Jacques

In this photo, Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver are almost free of snow. Did you know that British Columbia is the third largest province in Canada? It accounts for almost 10% of Canada's total area! (Credit: CSA/NASA)

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