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Exploring Earth
An out-of-this-world view of our planet

The Exploring Earth contest is now closed. Ms. Sharna Reynard of Stonepark Intermediate School in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, won the video call with astronaut David Saint-Jacques for her school. The event took place on and can be watched on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Space provides a unique vantage point to appreciate Earth from a distance and gain perspective on its beauty, fragility and history. Exploring Earth brings you on a learning journey about the amazing science of how the Earth works using photos taken by David Saint-Jacques from space and georeferenced on an interactive world map.

The photos taken by David for this project showcase distinctive geological and man-made features to explain the science of the Earth. New photos and content will be added weekly from January 22, 2019, to the end of David's mission. The important contribution of satellites in monitoring the planet will also be highlighted.

Exploring Earth using the photos of astronaut David Saint-Jacques


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The astronaut's point of view

The astronaut's point of view gives us all a chance to understand the complexity and intricacy of Earth's geological, environmental and ecological systems, including migration and adaptation of animals, such as birds, ocean health and circulation, and extreme natural events.

Exploring Earth involves two Canadian astronauts, namely Dr. Roberta Bondar and Dr. David Saint-Jacques, and will highlight their perspective of Earth in an effort to tell the story of our planet and ongoing human impacts on the environment.

Dr. Bondar, Canada's first woman astronaut, is also a professional nature and landscape photographer. She shares her knowledge of bird migratory pathways and the impact of climate change on behaviours and habitats of birds for this project, along with some of her photographic works.

David Saint-Jacques takes pictures of the Earth from the International Space Station's cupola. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA)

Dr. Roberta Bondar in the field, capturing photos of birds in their habitat. (Credit: The Roberta Bondar Foundation)


Many thanks to our project partners who are helping us bring you quality Earth science content.

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