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200 days in space: 10 photos highlighting David Saint-Jacques' mission

Today marks the 200th day in space for Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who has set a record for the longest mission in space by a Canadian astronaut. Here are 10 of the most memorable photos from his mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Space selfie

David Saint-Jacques space selfie during his first spacewalk

Can you really perform a spacewalk and not take a selfie? Our planet, Earth, is perfectly reflected in David's visor. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

Four big cities in Eastern Canada

Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec as seen at night from the ISS

Four of Canada's Eastern cities at night—a breathtaking sight from 400 kilometres above Earth. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

An office with a view

The Cupola of the ISS, with David Saint-Jacques inside

Imagine having a workplace window like this! (Credit: CSA/NASA.)


Moonset above Earth's horizon as seen from the ISS

Seen from the ISS, the Moon seems to hover peacefully above Earth's horizon. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)


Sunrise above the Earth as seen from abord the ISS

The Sun beginning its ascent. Astronauts aboard the ISS witness the beauty of 16 sunrises and sunsets each day. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

The Tropics

Cuba and Bahamas as seen from the ISS

Tropical regions display a stunning palette of blues, even from space. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

Canada's space robots

Canadarm2, Dextre and Earth as seen from the ISS

Making our mark in space: Canadarm2 and Dextre with the big “blue marble" in the backdrop. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

A family

David Saint-Jacques and his crewmates in their sleeping quarters

Spending 200 days away from family and friends is a challenge, but this tight-knit crew makes sure there are no lonely days. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)


Aurora over Scandinavia as seen from the ISS

The ISS is undoubtedly the best seat in the house to see the auroras, the greatest light show on Earth. (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

Astronaut turned barber

Anne McClain is cutting David Saint-Jacques' hair abord the ISS

An astronaut's task list is extremely varied, and includes space haircuts! (Credit: CSA/NASA.)

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