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Group of international space agencies updates Roadmap charting the way to Mars

Credit: Canadian Space Agency

The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), which counts the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as one of its 15 members, has released a new version of the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER).

Through the Roadmap, the ISECG shares its long-term vision of space exploration.

The document details the current status of the coordinated effort to extend human space exploration beyond the International Space Station, and lays out future steps, including the construction and development of a deep-space gateway in the lunar vicinity.

Although it is a non-binding document, the GER reaffirms the ISECG's interest in sending humans to the surfaces of the Moon and Mars.

The Roadmap adds to ongoing international dialogue among academics, industry players, government officials, and potential new partners who are interested in proposing innovative solutions to challenges facing these ambitious missions.

In the past year, in an effort to position Canada at the forefront of the next phase of human space exploration, the CSA has issued multiple contracts to develop leading-edge space technologies.

The ‎CSA has also offered various opportunities for both Canada's space community and new key collaborators, including Canada's health community, to submit pioneering ideas for science and technologies of the future.

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