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Asteroid activities

Create craters, make your own asteroid, discover scientists' methods and test your knowledge about the OSIRIS-REx mission.


Collect an asteroid sample

Use OLA, a Canadian laser altimeter, to find the best site to collect a sample of asteroid Bennu.

Throw your own asteroids to see how craters are formed!

Build mini-asteroids and see how impact craters are formed on the Earth's surface!

Make Your Own Awesome Asteroid

Use sand, clay, and rocks to make your own one-of-a-kind asteroid!

Asteroid Mystery Box

Learn how scientists get clues about asteroids from scientific instruments.

Big and Tall or Short and Small?

See how scientists can study the shape of an asteroid using measurements made on Earth.

OSIRIS-REx mission quiz

Test your knowledge about OSIRIS-REx, Canada's first participation in an asteroid sample-return mission.

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