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Kapvik ("Wolverine")

One of the Canadian Space Agency's two science micro-rovers that can work as helpers for humans (for instance, to dig for an astronaut) or even as a sidekick for larger rovers. Able to scout out tight spaces like caves or crevices. Kapvik can even be tethered to a larger rover to be lowered down very steep slopes where big rovers cannot go.

Technical details

Target destination Moon
Size (Length, width, height) 0.85 m x 0.78 m x 1.21 m
Mass 41 kg
Speed 0.1 km/h at top speed
Powered by Electrical power. Batteries recharged by on board solar panels (40 W)


Built by

MPB Communications.


Carleton University, Ryerson University, UTIAS, MDA, University of Winnipeg, Xiphos Technologies.

Photos of rover

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