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How well do you know the International Space Station?

How much do you know about the International Space Station (ISS), one of humanity's most ambitious and complex collaborations? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Question 1. What is the International Space Station?

    Credit: NASA

  2. Question 2. In what year was the first module of the ISS launched?

    Credit: NASA

  3. Question 3. What is the average altitude of the ISS?

    Credit: ESA/NASA

  4. Question 4. Which travels faster: a Formula 1 racing car or the ISS?

    Credit: NASA Johnson

  5. Question 5. True or false? The Space Station is visible from Earth.

    Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

  6. Question 6. How many people usually live on the Space Station at the same time?

    Credit: NASA

  7. Question 7. What is the usual duration of a mission aboard the ISS?

    Credit: NASA

  8. Question 8. Who are the international partners of the ISS?

    Credit: NASA

  9. Question 9. What is Canada's main contribution to the ISS?

    Credit: NASA

  10. Question 10. Who was the first Canadian astronaut to board the ISS?

    Credit: NASA

  11. Question 11. Who was the first Canadian commander of the ISS?

    Credit: NASA

  12. Question 12. For how many years has there been a continuous human presence on the ISS?

    Credit: CSA/NASA

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