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Canada's Space Policy Framework

3. Exploration of Space

Space exploration has changed our understanding of the universe and driven advances in science and leading-edge technologies. The spectacular success of the multi-nation collaboration that built and now operates the International Space Station – an engineering wonder – heralds a new era for space-based science and for permanent human presence in space. The Government commits to:

  • Ensuring that Canada is a sought-after partner in the international space exploration missions that serve Canada's national interests;
  • Continuing to invest in the development of Canadian contributions in the form of advanced systems and scientific instruments as part of major international endeavours; and
  • Continuing Canada's Astronaut Program so as to have Canadians aboard current and future space laboratories and research facilities.

4. Stewardship, Management and Accountability

Canada's commitments and initiatives in space must not be piecemeal. They have to be part of coordinated policies and strategies. In order to consult all pertinent partners in setting its future priorities, the Government will:

  • Establish a Canadian Space Advisory Council, representing the full range of stakeholders in the public and private space domain, chaired by the President of the Canadian Space Agency.

At the same time, the Government will empower a committee chaired by a Deputy Minister to review objectives and expenditures.

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