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Canada's Space Policy Framework

Message from the Minister of Industry

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry

As Minister of Industry, responsible for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), I am pleased to present Canada's Space Policy Framework.

Canada has a proud history in space. From the development of the Canadarm to the great leadership of Commander Chris Hadfield at the International Space Station, Canada has shown time and again that it is a global leader when it comes to space. Whether it is optics and robotics or radar imagery and satellite communications, our companies are renowned for their capability and skill.

Canada's Space Policy Framework is focused on delivering results. Building on Canada's strengths and historic achievements, Canada's Space Policy Framework will lay the groundwork to inspire the next generation to pursue studies and careers in science and engineering. It will provide a comprehensive approach to Canada's future in space to ensure our continued commitment to exploration, commercialization and development.

The Canadian space sector is an integral part of Canada's economy and plays an important role in our society. Canada's space industry provides about 8,000 highly skilled jobs and contributes $3.33 billion to Canada's economy every year. We have come to rely on satellites and space expertise not only as part of our everyday lives, but as a part of numerous breakthroughs in scientific knowledge and medical treatments. A competitive and innovative Canadian space sector is important for continued job creation and the growth of infrastructure for a knowledge-based economy.

Through this lens, Canada is well positioned to successfully advance our space sector in the 21st century, leading to job creation and growth, enhancement of sovereignty and security, and the advancement of knowledge for generations to come.

The Honourable James Moore
Minister of Industry

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