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RADARSAT+: over $1 billion for the future of satellite Earth observation

The Government of Canada recently allocated $1.012 billion to the Canadian Space Agency to support immediate and future satellite Earth observation (EO) data needs. This funding will be used to:

This initiative is called RADARSAT+, and it will ensure continuity of essential EO satellite data to numerous federal organizations so that they can continue delivering services to Canadians.

Serving Canadians

The RCM, launched in , is Canada's latest generation of EO satellites. For the past four years, the three satellites have been working together to provide daily images of Canada's land and maritime approaches, as well as images of the Arctic and of other countries. This imagery is essential for many applications, such as monitoring the environment, managing natural resources, supporting emergency response teams and making marine travel safer.

The RCM satellites and other EO satellites are part of our everyday lives and make a wide variety of services to Canadians possible. Farmers use satellite data to help them determine the best time to irrigate their fields and harvest their wheat. Ship captains use satellite data to help them navigate safely. Satellite data also helps us monitor and understand the impact of climate change and better respond to it.

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