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The Artemis II astronauts visit the Orion spacecraft that will take them to the Moon

Media representatives were invited to NASA's Kennedy Space Center yesterday to view the Orion spacecraft that will carry the Artemis II, III and IV crews on their lunar-bound missions. The Artemis II crew, including Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen, was on hand to see their ride, which was ready to undergo acoustic testing, and answer some questions. Subject-matter experts from NASA, Lockheed Martin, the European Space Agency (ESA), and Airbus were also on site to meet reporters.

The three capsules are at different stages of completion. The ESA-built Service Module was on display as well. It will provide the power necessary to propel the Artemis II astronauts on their trip around the Moon, including the in-space manoeuvring capability and other commodities necessary to sustain crew for the duration of the mission.

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