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National Forum on Earth Observation

Earth Observation

The second National Forum on Earth Observation begins today during World Space Week. Organized by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) on behalf of the federal partners in Earth Observation (EO), the forum brings together more than 450 Canadian stakeholders from industry, academia, Indigenous communities, and federal and provincial governments.

Over three days, at the CSA headquarters in Longueuil and virtually, participants will have the opportunity to discuss EO, their achievements and initiatives, and the next steps to continue to improve EO capabilities and cooperation both domestically and globally. They will be invited to share their unique perspectives on topics such as the role of EO in agriculture, biodiversity, public health, climate change, and Indigenous communities.

In January, the CSA, Natural Resources Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada unveiled Canada's Strategy for Satellite Earth Observation, which outlines how Canada will use the unique vantage point of space to address climate change and other important issues of our time.

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