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International Space Station to benefit from Cygnus resupply run

Canadarm2 captures Cygnus during a previous resupply mission

Canadarm2 captures Cygnus during a previous resupply mission. (Credit: NASA)

On , Northrop Grumman's Cygnus spacecraft will launch aboard an Antares rocket from NASA facilities on Wallops Island, Virginia. This launch will mark the start of the 17th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station (ISS) for Cygnus. The vehicle will carry scientific research, crew supplies, and hardware to support on-orbit operations.

Components for the Canadian Bio-Monitor will be onboard the cargo vessel. The hardware will aid in calibrating the smart shirt system designed to monitor astronaut health. Additional equipment includes a Camera/Light Assembly for Canadian ISS robotics, Canadarm2 and Dextre.

Two days later, NASA astronauts Raja Chari and Kayla Barron will perform a cosmic catch using Canadarm2 to capture the unpiloted vehicle.

Coverage of the launch will be broadcast on NASA TV on beginning at 12:15 pm ET (launch scheduled for 12:40 pm ET).

Capture operations will also be broadcast on beginning at 3:00 am ET (capture scheduled to take place around 4:35 am ET).

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