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A message of thanks from Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jenni Gibbons


Uploaded on November 19, 2023


A message of thanks from Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jenni Gibbons

2023-11-19 - Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jenni Gibbons thanks Canadians for their support during her assignment as backup on the Artemis II mission. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Thank you for your support through the process of being assigned as the Canadian backup for the Artemis II mission. 

I want to take a moment to address a special message to all Canadians. 

My assignment as backup guarantees a seat for Canada for all of you on the historic Artemis II mission. 

It will give us access to strategic training and allow me to contribute to the development of training for the future Artemis missions. 

This seat is ours to share because of the Canadian Space Agency's contribution to Canadarm3 and the robotic technology on the Lunar Gateway. 

So, Artemis II is truly just the beginning. As you all know, the Artemis program is an international collaboration designed to push human space discovery deeper into space to the Moon and eventually to Mars. 

Canada is a strong partner, and this makes me hopeful about the future of deep-space exploration. 

So, thank you – to Canada. I am proud and I am honored to fill this role for you.


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