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Space data: blueprint for our future


Uploaded on June 4, 2020


Space data: blueprint for our future

2020-06-04 – From space, we see deep into the heart and veins of our ever-changing planet. Discover how space data helps scientists preserve our ecosystems and tackle climate change.

(Acknowledgements: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Department of National Defence, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Natural Resources Canada) (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Armed Forces / Department of National Defence)

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From space, we see deep into the heart and veins of our ever changing planet.

Pictures of Earth are worth more than a thousand words,

They are the blueprint for our future.

To unlock the full potential of space’s unique vantage point,

We’ve created powerful tools….

Tools that gather valuable data 

Data that enables farmers to efficiently manage water and fertilizer for stronger food yields.

Data that scientists use to monitor ticks and mosquitos that carry harmful diseases 

Data that first responders use to find the fastest routes to save lives 

That’s only a glimpse of what we can do today.

In the future, when combined with AI and powerful computing, a broader range of space data would generate infinite solutions for Canadians. 

Imagine a future where we can use space data to

Better understand and predict the impacts of climate change like rising sea-levels, extreme weather, wildfire risk and flooding.

Measure the health of our forests and create predictive maps of pest damage and burn extent 

Produce real time dynamic navigation routes to protect whales and other endangered species

Ensure security and sovereignty in Canada’s vast Arctic 

Tomorrow’s challenges require investing in innovative solutions today. 

Earth observation IS key to securing economic opportunities and improving the lives of Canadians

Together, WE can define Canada’s future.


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