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Roberta Bondar, first Canadian woman in space


Uploaded on March 8, 2018

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Roberta Bondar, first Canadian woman in space

2018-03-08 - In this video on Roberta Bondar's career, you will learn about some of the achievements of the first Canadian woman and first neurologist in space. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Roberta Bondar)


First Canadian woman in space

Circled the Earth 129 times for a total flight distance of 5,407 million kilometres

Conducted over forty scientific experiments in space.

Studied the effects of microgravity on the human body and its ability to recover.

Inspired by seeing the Earth from space, she became a famous nature photographer.

Dr. Bondar has photographed all of Canada's national parks, the High Arctic, the Sahara and American deserts.

“Art makes you want to think about things differently than you did before and science tries to give you a path to help you with your thoughts.”


Canadian Space Agency
Roberta Bondar


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