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May the 4th Be With You!


Uploaded on May 4, 2015


May the 4th Be With You!

2015-05-04 - When CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen visited Byron Northview Public School in London, Ontario, last month, he was welcomed like a star! Treated with a rendition of the Star Wars theme song by the school band, Jeremy then walked the space-decorated corridors filled with excited pupils dressed for the occasion. Needless to say that he was really impressed with the talent demonstrated by the students and how engaged the whole school was. Luckily for us, that hero’s welcome was all caught on camera – along with the smiles and the many stars in the students’ eyes!

Happy Star Wars Day from Byron Northview PS students and the Canadian Space Agency! #CSAinspires (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Alright. Good.

You guys like Star Wars? Yeah? Me too!

Hello! Hello guys!

Where did I park my spaceship? I didn’t bring it here, I took an airplane because there is no place to land a spaceship here!

(You could have landed on the roof.)

I could have, but I would have wrecked your school!

Wow! Nice!

That’s really great!

Nice work!

You guys must have been practicing hard


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