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Dextre lets CATS out of the bag on the Space Station


Uploaded on January 20, 2015

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Dextre lets CATS out of the bag on the Space Station

2015-01-20 - This animation shows how Dextre, the Canadian-built versatile robot on board the International Space Station, will remove the CATS (Cloud Aerosol Transport System) science experiment from SpaceX's Dragon. CATS will use lidar (laser-guided radar) to study the location, composition and distribution of clouds on a global scale. These operations mark the first time Dextre works with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's robotic arm.

This animation was generated by the same simulator used to train astronauts and flight controllers to operate Canadarm2 and Dextre in space.The video opens with a shot of the Japanese robotic arm getting into position. The next sequence shows Dextre, seated at the end of Canadarm2, reaching into Dragon's trunk and grasping CATS. Canadarm2 then moves Dextre closer to the Japanese module of the station in order to hand CATS to the Japanese robotic arm for it to be installed on the station's exterior (not shown). (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


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