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Circuit-breaker box repair


Uploaded on May 24, 2012


Circuit-breaker box repair

2011-08-26 - This accelerated animation shows the sequence of operations Dextre will perform when the versatile robot will replace a failed circuit breaker box on board the International Space Station (ISS).

On the first day of operations, Dextre will begin by opening the lid of the Cargo Transport Container stowed on his workbench. With his other arm, he will pick up his robotic micro-conical tool (used for grasping fixtures that are different from the ones that it was designed to work with) and grasp the new circuit-breaker box, which is stowed in the transport container.

On the second day, Dextre will remove the new circuit-breaker box from the storage container with one arm, and remove the failed circuit breakers from the Space Station's P1 truss with his other arm. Afterwards, he will install the new circuit breakers on the ISS. Dextre will finish off his work day by replacing the failed module in the storage box and putting away his tool. The storage container's lid will then be closed and the Space Station's handy robot will be powered down. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


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