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Jeremy Hansen - Astronaut candidate training part 2


Uploaded on September 12, 2011


Jeremy Hansen - Astronaut candidate training part 2

2011-04-22 - Jeremy Hansen during basic spacewalking skills training in the Johnson Space Center Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) pool, April 22, 2011. (Credit: NASA)


Unidentified Speaker:  Okay.

Jeremy Hansen:  Okay.  Copy that, installing on H-1.  These are good settings here (indiscernible) we’ve got for the AVFR.

Unidentified Speaker:  Perfect, thank you.  You are so fast. 

Jeremy Hansen:  Okay.  I got a good pull test on the torque multiplier, and it’s in neutral (indiscernible). 

Unidentified speaker:  Okay, great.  Your PT test settings, when you’re ready I’ve got them.  Bravo 1. 

Jeremy Hansen:  Bravo 1 set.

Unidentified Speaker:  Counter clockwise 2 use 3.

Jeremy Hansen:  Counter clockwise 3 set.

Unidentified Speaker:  Five turns on the torque multiplier on H-2. 

Jeremy Hansen:  Five turns on H-2.                  

Unidentified Speaker:  (indiscernible) setting complete (indiscernible) ingress.

Unidentified Speaker:  Okay, great. 

Jeremy Hansen:  I think we really need to go a little higher. 


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