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Operating Canadarm2


Uploaded on March 9, 2011


Operating Canadarm2

2011-03-09 - Installed on the International Space Station in 2001, Canadarm2 is one component of Canada's contribution to the International Space Station. Julie Payette will have an opportunity to operate the robotic arm during Mission STS-127. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Julie Payette:

Another thing I really look forward, is the opportunity to fly the Canadarm II, the “big arm” like we call it. The arms are quite different. Ah, the shuttle arm operates, differently than the Canadarm II. There not exactly made mechanically the same, they don’t operate the same… So, I’m really looking forward to see the difference and this will be particularly fun of course, because I’m Canadian. And this is our big contribution to the International Space Station.

I look forward to come back on the ground and talk about it!


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