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Space exploration, 40 years later...


Uploaded on March 4, 2011


Space exploration, 40 years later...

2012-05-24 - Julie Payette, who was selected during the 1992 astronaut recruitment campaign, recalls the early days of space exploration and the impact of the Apollo missions on her career./ (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)


Julie Payette:

I remember sitting in my primary school gym and watching TV. All there will the little kids; and we’d see the astronauts put on the space suit, get on the rocket, the rocket takes off! And then we see them walking on the moon, or driving that lunar jeep. I remember being in that gym and thinking, this is so cool, I’d love to do that! It didn’t matter if this looked like something I could never reach, this is what I wanted to do. So the impact of the Apollo mission on me, have been immense.

And that’s why I’m here today!



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