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RCM satellite aces SAR panel deployment test!

2017-05-30 – Representatives from the Canadian Space Agency and ADGA Group Consultants Inc. visit MDA's Montreal facility to view the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) panel deployment test.

The SAR is the main instrument on each of the RCM satellites. It will emit the radar signal to the Earth's surface and receive back its echo to generate valuable data.

This test, designed to make sure that the SAR panels deploy properly once in orbit, is one of the few tests where components of the satellite move. Since the satellites are designed to operate in space, it can be tricky to have them move under the force of gravity on Earth. In this particular case, a custom gantry crane (Super Gantry Crane) holds the satellite's SAR panels and counterbalances their weight to mimic the microgravity environment of space. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Photo taken on May 30, 2017

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