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RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) Space Segment


2016-04-07 - The RADARSAT Constellation Mission Space Segment consists of a constellation of three identical satellites flying in low-Earth orbit (586 km to 615 km above the Earth). Each of the satellites in the constellation is made up of a bus and a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payload. There is also a secondary payload—an automated identification system (AIS) for ships—that is used independently or in conjunction with the SAR. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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The graphic illustrates the components of an RCM spacecraft. The central component is the Bus Structure, which is attached to the +X SAR Antenna Panel on the bottom left, and the –SAR Antenna Panel on the bottom right. Attached to the bus and antenna are the following components, listed in clockwise order from the top: S-band Antennas (x2); GPS Antennas (x2);  SAR Antenna Tie Downs (x6 per wing); Deployable Solar Array; AIS Antennas (x4); -X SAR Antenna Panel; X-band Antenna; S-band Antennas (x2); +X SAR Antenna Panel; SAR Antenna Deployment Subsystem (DSS); Bus Structure; Keep Alive Solar Array; and Launch Vehicle Adapter.

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Photo taken on June 30, 2015

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