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Earth Observation Service Continuity initiative

Four sources of data being considered under the Earth Observation Service Continuity initiative

2023-02-14 - The Earth Observation (EO) Service Continuity initiative is looking at ways to ensure continuous access to satellite radar EO imagery for services to Canadians beyond the lifetime of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, satellite images: Dromadaire Géo-Innovations/KorrAI Technologies using RADARSAT Constellation Mission imagery © Government of Canada (2021). RADARSAT is an official mark of the Canadian Space Agency)

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The Earth Observation Service Continuity initiative aims to ensure access to satellite radar Earth observation imagery beyond the RADARSAT Constellation Mission for services to Canadians. The four sources of data being explored are as follows:

  • Canadian satellite system: Next-generation satellite mission to succeed the RADARSAT Constellation Mission
  • International collaborations: New and expanded bartering arrangements with international partners
  • Free and open data: Access to freely available imagery
  • Commercial data: Purchase of commercially available imagery

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