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To the Moon! – Infographic

Facts about the SLS rocket and the Orion Crew Module

2022-04-06 - Orion is a new exploration vehicle that will carry Artemis crews to space. It is designed to be launched by NASA's SLS rocket, one of the most powerful rockets in the world. This infographics presents our ride to the Moon. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Infographic showing illustrations and facts about the SLS rocket and the Orion Crew Module that will bring astronauts to the Moon.

Space Launch System rocket

  • Flying to the Moon at 110 times the speed of an F1 race car
  • Height: 98 m
  • Maximum speed: 39,400 km/h
  • Sends Orion nearly 1000 times farther than the International Space Station

Orion Crew Module

  • Like living in a campervan with three of your friends for up to 21 days
  • Habitable volume: 9 m³
  • Astronaut height: 1 m 47 cm to 1 m 96 cm
  • Lands in the ocean under 3 parachutes

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