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Canadian ISS suppliers – Canadian Space Station Program


2019-05-08 - Infographic indicating some of the over 500 organizations in Canada that were involved in the development of the Canadian Space Station Program. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Contributions by over 500 organizations across Canada, including machine shops, metal finishers, parts distributors, freight and haulage, and software development.

  • Richmond, British Columbia: MDA
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: SED Systems
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba: Tetra Tech (formerly Wardrop Engineering)
  • Stratford, Ontario: Curtiss-Wright Controls
  • Stratford, Ontario: EM Technologies (formerly Novatronics)
  • Kanata, Ontario: Honeywell (formerly CAL)
  • Mississauga, Ontario: Innova (formerly Dynacon)
  • Brampton and Ottawa, Ontario: MDA
  • Milton, Ontario: Northstar Aerospace (formerly Derlan)
  • Saint-Laurent, Quebec: CAE
  • Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, Quebec: FRE Composites
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec: MDA
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: IMP Group

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Photo taken on May 8, 2019

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