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Mission STS-97

Marc Garneau

Mission description

Patch STS-97

Patch STS-97. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

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Date: November 30, 2000

Time: 10:06:00 p.m. ET

Site: Kennedy Space Center


Date: December 11, 2000

Time: 6:04:20 p.m. ET

Site: Kennedy Space Center

Mission duration: 10 days 19 h 58 min 20 s

Flight number: STS-97

Orbiter vehicle: Endeavour

Payloads: ISS-04-4A (PV Module P6)

STS-97 featured the installation of the first of four pairs of huge solar power arrays on the International Space Station. The 12-day mission was the Canadian Space Agency astronaut Marc Garneau's third—a record for Canadian astronauts at that time.

Garneau used the Canadarm to install the solar arrays that now generate electricity to run all of the Station's systems, including life support, daily operations and scientific equipment.

Two American astronauts completed the installation during two space walks. Working inside the Shuttle, Garneau coordinated their activities.

Successful installation of the P6 truss and the first set of solar panels was a critical step in construction of the Space Station.

Mission STS-97 crew

Mission STS-97 crew

From left to right. Font row: Brent W. Jett, Marc Garneau and Michael J. Bloomfield. Back row: Carlos I. Noriega and Joseph R. Tanner. (Credit: NASA)

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