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Christopher Seymour

Christopher Seymour

Christopher Seymour has wanted to be an engineer since he was four years old. (Credit: Christopher Seymour)

  • Studies: Student, Engineering in Aerospace – Space Systems Design
  • Garden River First Nation

Christopher Seymour is from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He is currently completing a 4-year bachelor of engineering degree in the Aerospace – Space Systems Design program at Carleton University.

He distinctly remembers being four years old and learning how to say, "aeronautical engineer." He never had a problem answering the question, "What do you want to be?" He got involved in the Air Cadets in high school and was able to earn a private pilot's licence before he had a full driver's licence.

"Space Systems Design and Aerospace Engineering is fairly multi-disciplinary. There are many different concepts you need to understand including mechanical systems, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic waves, communication systems, and thermal design. There isn't a lot of room to include Indigenous culture into math or design, but it is definitely possible to allow it to influence you when forming an opinion on different programs or policies. We are stewards of Mother Earth, and I think this should guide our decisions."

"You don't necessarily need to be a genius to change the world. If you work hard, are kind to yourself, and get along with others, there isn't much that's out of your reach."

"You get to decide whether a particular career is for you. Embrace your heritage when you feel it is appropriate, but don't let someone else's idea of what you should be determine what you do with your life. What being Indigenous means is up to you."

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