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Laboratories and warehouse

Laboratories, clean rooms and CSA warehouse.


David Florida

Spacecraft assembly, integration and testing centre.

Micro-electronics (Clean room)

Tests on dies in order to characterize Mimic's (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit).

Radio frequency

Radio-Frequency tests and measurement and thermal characterization of components.

Electronic tests and integration (Clean room)

Conventional electronic tests laboratory and hardware and micro satellites integration.

Active Optics

Optical systems testing.

Passive Optics

Optical measurements like spectroscopy.

Exploration Development Operation Center

Control room offering computer stations and network connectivity to analogue sites.

Rover Integration Facility

Integration of rovers, payload prototypes and debugging.

Prototype planetary vehicle warehouse

Rovers warehouse located next to the analogue terrain.

Analogue terrain

Terrain to test and develop technologies for future missions.

Thermal and materials

Characterize, develop and validate new materials and thermal systems.


Mineralogical and molecular biology samples analysis and study of growing plants.

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