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Contracts awarded under the STDP

Reducing technological unknowns of future space missions

The Canadian Space Agency's Space Technology Development Program (STDP) supports innovation for the growth of the Canadian space industry and to reduce technological unknowns of future space missions. Contracts are awarded to Canadian organizations for the development of technologies to support future needs of the Canadian Space Program. Mostly in the context of competitive processes, proposals are selected based on the applicant's capacity to develop and advance priority technologies. Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to bid on tenders.

Investing in the Canadian space sector

Since , STDP has invested close to $200M to support the development of over 300 space-related technologies by over 100 organizations. Opportunities issued in the last ten years are listed below:

List of opportunities issued in the last five years
Date of publication Request for proposal
Development of enabling technologies for the next generation of Canadian Earth observation satellites: $6.8 million for 10 R&D projects
Concept studies that will help develop capabilities and define potential Canadian infrastructure contributions on the Moon's surface: $1.75M for 7 concept studies
Development of enabling space technologies for future international human spaceflight collaborations: $10.3M for nine technologies
Development of enabling space technologies for future missions: $3.6M for 5 technologies
Concept studies and technology development for lunar autonomous science payloads: $4.36M for 7 technologies
Development of health technologies for deep space missions: $1.3M for 13 technologies
Development of enabling space technologies for future international human spaceflight collaborations: $3.2M for four technologies
2017-04-19 Development of enabling space technologies: $9.6M for 14 technologies
2016-08-01 Space technologies development: $2M for two technologies
2015-05-26 Technologies development for potential space missions: $5M for 11 technologies
2015-03-11 Space technologies development: $14.1M for 23 technologies
2014-06-30 Far infrared radiometer: $650,000 for one technology
2013-08-14 Modular design for CASS CATS: $1.2M for one technology
2013-06-21 Generic technologies: $3.8M for 12 technologies
2013-04-25 Missions enabling technologies: $6.4M for 11 technologies


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