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Contracts awarded for the development of enabling space technologies in

In the spring of , following a request for proposals issued in , the Space Technology Development Program (STDP) awarded nine contracts totalling $10.3M for the development of enabling space technologies for future missions. The aim is to reduce technical uncertainties and support specific potential future space missions of interest to Canada. The list of contracts awarded, including organizations, contract values and project descriptions, is presented below.

Organization Contract value Proposal
ABB Inc.
Quebec City, Quebec
$2,249,109 Wide-Field Astronomical Imaging in UV/Optical – Critical Technologies
Nüvü Caméras
Montreal, Quebec
$825,289 EMCCD Technology for Nanosatellites
Bishop's University
Sherbrooke, Quebec
$999,145 Optical Telescope Assembly to Advance a Microsatellite for the Study of Exoplanets
Ottawa, Ontario
$399,775 Block Chaining in Service of Earth Observation Big Data
SpaceAlpha Insight Corp. (formerly UrtheCast),
Vancouver, British Columbia
$1,731,334 SAR High Speed On-Board Processing
EarthDaily Analytics (formerly UrtheCast),
Vancouver, British Columbia
$600,000 Cloud Native Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Processing using the Earth Data Store
ABB Inc.
Quebec City, Quebec
$800,897 Mass and Volume Reduction for Martian Atmospheric Gas Evolution Experiment
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
$899,998 Planetary Sweeping Energetic Particle Telescope (P-SWEPT)
MDA Corp.
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec
$1,749,984 SAR High-Speed On-Board Processing


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