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NASA International Internship (NASA I²) Project

As part of its commitment to support the development of the next generation of space professionals in Canada, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has signed an agreement allowing Canadian university students to participate in NASA internships through the NASA International Intern²ship (NASA I²) Project.

NASA aims to better prepare STEM students for future missions that require innovative thinking and cooperation with international collaborators. It is an intensive experience with an emphasis on learning, teamwork, research, and creativity. It also gives interns the opportunity to make connections with peers and professionals in their fields and form relationships that will serve them throughout their careers.

As the only official agency in Canada allowed to submit candidates for the NASA I² Project, the CSA may recommend highly qualified Canadian university students who, if selected by NASA, will be able to participate in internships along with U.S. students and students from abroad. Internships are arranged in three sessions during the calendar year: spring, summer and fall.

The CSA and two funding organizations, Mitacs and Fulbright Canada, intend to award grants to the students who are selected by NASA to help them with their associated expenses such as travel, lodging and meals.

Interested students are invited to refer to the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) Canadian Student Participation in the NASA International Internship (NASA I²) Project for all relevant information and to find out how to submit their application.

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