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Earth in Focus: Insights from Space exhibition

About the Earth in Focus exhibition

This bilingual exhibition explores the benefits of observing Earth from the unique point of view of space. Visitors will discover the technologies and innovations of the Canadian space program through interactive and immersive experiences, including a mix of satellite imagery and stunning photographs taken by astronauts. Drawing links to their own experiences, visitors will better understand how the data collected from space helps us feed a growing population, keep people safe from dangers such as forest fires and extreme weather, and monitor our changing planet.

Exhibition content

The exhibition features:

Who can host the exhibition

Science centres and museums.

How to host the exhibition

To host the exhibition, please contact Ingenium.

Host the exhibition

Exhibition itinerary

The exhibition itinerary will continue to be updated on our events page and on the Ingenium website.


This exhibition was designed by Ingenium in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency.

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