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Webinar – Accessing Space: Platforms and Launcher Services


  • Type: Webinar
  • Date:
  • Time: 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET
  • Cost: Free
  • Location:Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Target audience: Industry, academia, not-for-profit organizations.
  • Spotlight speakers:
    • Alfred Ng, Manager, Projects/Programs Portfolio – Canadian Space Agency
    • Tony Pellerin, Manager (Mechanical) – Canadian Space Agency
    • André Jodoin, SIM Supervisor – Canadian Space Agency
    • Mario Ciaramicoli, Technology Development Officer – Canadian Space Agency


This webinar will provide an overview of currently available platforms and launcher services used to place small satellites into orbit. We will also discuss Canadian and international regulations for satellite.


Webinar video


  • Know more about grant/funding to assist SME to develop a space certified payload and launch costs, etc.

    Please monitor the CSA website for future announcements of opportunity.

  • Are launch services being provided in Canada?

    Currently, no, but private industry is working on some launch capability initiatives.

  • I would like to know if there is an "express" way to access the space for a payload? Between developing and launching a cubesat and using a provider like Nanoracks or Bartolomeo (on the ISS), which is the fastest model to test a payload in low orbit? Can you elaborate quickly on the typical implementation times for the 2 cases?

    The time required to launch a payload can vary greatly (from a few months to a few years) depending on the readiness level of the payload and the available launch opportunities. We recommend to contact launch and platform service providers directly to better understand the delays involved.

  • Is there a future limitation on the number of possible launches due to space congestion and the risk of collisions?

    Although we cannot predict the future, measures are being implemented to reduce the quantity of space debris in orbit. Most significantly, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently adopted a new rule for the de-orbiting of space assets after five years of end of operations (instead of the previous 25 year rule).

  • Is there a reason Momentus (Vigoride and Ardoride) and Spaceflight (Sherpa) were not included?

    No, the space sector is evolving so quickly that the organizers of the webinar had simply not yet heard about them.

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