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Deep-space healthcare

Astronauts in action

Canada's next chapter in human space exploration

The health and well-being of space crews is the primary limiting factor in the achievement of long-duration space missions and a key area of interest for space agencies around the world as they plan the next steps in space exploration beyond low earth orbit.

To prepare for the challenging endeavour of looking after the health and well-being of astronauts in deep-space, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is looking to leverage the nation's expertise outside of the traditional space sector and in emerging research and technology areas.

Upcoming engagement opportunity
Date Event Description Where
- National Space Health Forum

Envision the expanse of healthcare innovation to support human deep-space exploration

Get ready to become involved in shaping Canada's future in deep-space healthcare

Catalyze the growth of your network

John H. Chapman Space Centre
6767 Route de l'Aéroport
Borough of Saint-Hubert
Longueuil, Quebec J3Y 8Y9
Nanoracks Industry Day

The participants will meet Nanoracks, who will present their current product platform and future plans, and will be seeking to secure partnerships with Canadian space & health stakeholders.

John H. Chapman Space Centre
6767 Route de l'Aéroport
Borough of Saint-Hubert
Longueuil, Quebec J3Y 8Y9

Building on the outcomes of the Space, Health and Innovation National Forum and Regional Information Sessions, as well as the findings of the Expert Group on the Potential Canadian Healthcare and Biomedical Roles for deep-space Human Spaceflight, the CSA is organizing the 2nd National Space Health Forum that will dive deeper into possibilities for Canada's future contribution to deep-space health care. Diverse stakeholders will be invited to share their unique perspectives and identify opportunities where Canadian space and health partners could work together to address health challenges in deep-space while at the same time helping advance healthcare on Earth. More details to come shortly.

New funding announced in Budget : LEAP Health

The Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP) is dedicated to the development of new, innovative technologies for lunar-related applications by small and medium-sized businesses, including in the health field. This additional funding will enable the CSA to:

Studies and activities

The CSA is exploring various health and biomedical fields of activity and technology where Canada could make significant contributions. The release of research and development opportunities that could contribute to healthcare advances in deep-space missions and on Earth engages stakeholders in both the space and non-space communities.

Currently ongoing

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