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Astronaut David Saint-Jacques listens to Quebec music during his mission

Discover the music from Quebec that Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques is listening to during his space mission!

During a videoconference with youth gathered at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques answers the following question, live from the International Space Station: "Do you have a favourite piece of music to listen to in space?" (Credit: CSA/NASA)


Since , David Saint-Jacques has been living aboard the International Space Station. What does he do in his free time? He takes the opportunity to call his loved ones and do some reading (he even makes recommendations once in a while on social media). He also takes time to look at Earth from space, and he really enjoys listening to music and discovering new artists.

David asked his friend Nicolas Tittley, music journalist, to compile different playlists that he can listen to while he's in space. This particular list exclusively features musicians from Quebec.

David Saint-Jacques' playlist: "Quebec in space"

  1. Jupiter, Les Louanges
  2. Fous n'importe où, Charlotte Cardin
  3. Pour toi, Ariane Moffatt
  4. Daydream, Milk & Bone
  5. Je cours, Félix Dyotte
  6. Le sexe des étoiles, Klô Pelgag
  7. Nan Fon Bwa, Mélissa Laveaux
  8. À l'est d'Éden, Dumas
  9. Si on s'y mettait, Hubert Lenoir
  10. Ça va ça va, Lou-Adriane Cassidy
  11. Ton vieux nom, Elisapie
  12. Ton équilibre, Salomé Leclerc
  13. Le ciel est backorder, Tire le coyote
  14. Raindrops, Gabrielle Shonk
  15. Over My Shoulder, Aliocha, Jason Bajada and Matt Holubowski
  16. Tu as vraiment changé, Navet Confit
  17. Fausses routes, David Marin
  18. Chilling, Dave Chose
  19. Quatorze piastres de l'heure, Comment Debord
  20. Au-delà des mots, Beyries
  21. Claudion, Helena Deland
  22. Sais-tu vraiment qui tu es, Pierre Lapointe
  23. Mythologie, Mon Doux Saigneur
  24. Premier juin, Lydia Képinski
  25. La valse des trottoirs, Choses Sauvages
  26. Quart de siècle, LaF
  27. All Zay, FouKi Ft Koriass
  28. Quand même clean, Alaclair Ensemble

Happy listening!

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